Kathy Morgan

Kathy grew up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan and was actively involved in sports from a young age. She is committed to promoting a holistic and active lifestyle she has instructed swimming, aerobics, water-skiing, coached her children’s soccer teams and practiced yoga for several years.  She currently enjoys to downhill ski, skate, dance, swim, hike, bike, walk and is an avid gardener.

In the early 1990’s Kathy started to develop chronic physical pain problems that inhibited her life for several years. She pursued several different forms of therapy in her search for relieving the pain and gaining her life back. Unfortunately, the therapies she tried never totally resolved the pain. She heard of the Mitzvah Technique and as a last resort started private sessions with Amelia Itcush.

Kathy MorganThe Mitzvah Technique opened Kathy’s eyes to the patterns of misuse which all people use in their daily activities. These holding patterns create postural and structural misalignment of the natural functioning of the body. Correcting these patterns of misuse was key to resolving her pain problems. Kathy was able to identify and correct her own patterns of misuse, which was key to resolving her chronic pain. During the progression of training she was able to resume her active lifestyle.

Kathy’s passion for this practice led her to Toronto to train with Nehemia Cohen, the creator of the Mitzvah Technique.

In June 1997, after three years of extensive training, she became a certified teacher as taught by Amelia Itcush. Kathy and Carla Marie Powers were Ameila’s first certified teachers in the The Itcush Method and Mitzvah Technique. Since becoming certified Kathy committed herself to continuous disciplined training with Amelia to refine and upgrade the work.

Kathy Morgan has her own studio and is available for private sessions, lecture demonstrations, workshops, and classes. She currently teaches ongoing classes at The Refinery and Victoria School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

She has presented Lecture Demonstrations and Workshops for:

  • Persephone Theater Saskatoon
  • The Refinery and Arts & Spirit Centre Saskatoon
  • SUMA Conference Saskatoon
  • Saskatoon Public School Division
  • Wellness Week SIAST Saskatoon
  • The Professional School of Massage Saskatoon
  • Assisted Amelia New Dance Horizons Regina
  • Taught classes for Amelia when she had Mitzvah Studio in Saskatoon
  • Classical Musicians University of Regina
  • Crystal Weekend Flowers by Fred Saskatoon

Kathy is a member of Dance Saskatchewan:

Kathy is the author of the following article:
The Mitzvah Technique

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