Private Sessions

The Mitzvah teacher utilizes a hands -on approach in a series of mild manipulations of the body while the client is on the table to help release and realign neuromuscular and skeletal systems of the body. The Mitzvah table sessions help to provide structural changes to occur at a more accelerated rate, allowing clients to move through difficult periods more quickly. Specific exercise programs are designed for the client to take home. This empowers the client to incorporate Mitzvah into their daily routine.

The teacher guides the client through assisted movement sitting, standing and walking. Private sessions accelerate the body’s corrective defense mechanisms to establish a dynamic posture. A dynamic posture frees the body from tension build up and stress with every step you take. This helps clients achieve new standards of health and well being.

Can you remember what it was like when you were young and how your body was so easily free to move with no aches and no pains? This is what the Mitzvah Technique brings back to your life. Freedom of movement no matter what age you are. Challenge yourself to regularly do the Itcush Method and Mitzvah Technique exercises and experience the results in your own life.

Classes, Work Shops and Maintenance Programs

Experience the mitzvah principle and balancing forces of the body in a deep and powerful way.

Classes and workshops consist of both the theoretical and practical aspects of good body use. The participants learn how the body was meant to work in every day movement from the feet to the rebalancing of the head on the spine. Participants learn various movement patterns that reactivate the mitzvah principle – relieving tension build up, increasing mobility in the joints and posture improvement. Through Mitzvah exercises participants learn how to incorporate better body use into their daily life. The floor, chair and walking exercises bring permanent positive structural changes to the body. The focus of classes and workshops is on maintenance, body misuse prevention, mobility, and posture improvement.

Lecture Demonstrations

Lecture demonstrations are available for groups who are interested in learning about the Itcush Method and Mitzvah Technique. They consist of a theoretical and practical lecture on the balancing forces of the body that are essential in movement analysis.

Educational lectures consist of the following:

  • Look at chair use
  • How to make a poor chair into a better chair for sitting (especially while sitting at computers and in school).
  • How to incorporate more movement into the work environment and in environments that require large amounts of sitting.
  • The consequences of sitting for long periods of time in a chair.
  • Holding and misuse patterns and how they affect the body.
  • How we all have these patterns and how to make them better.
  • Participants get to participate in simple exercises.

 Who can benefit from Mitzvah?

  • Office workers, teachers
  • Students and seniors
  • Repetitive strain, sufferers
  • Performers, dancers, musicians
  • Athletes and fitness professionals
  • Anyone who feels stress, tension, aches or strain in their body

Workshops and classes are available in community spaces, work places, schools, etc. Don’t miss out and inquire about a private session, workshop, classes or lecture demonstration today.

The Mitzvah Technique is a member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.

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