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"In my early twenties, I started experiencing neck, back, and shoulder pain. It didn’t occur to me why the pain began at this point in my life, but looking back now I realize that this coincided with the beginning of my graduate work. For years I spent long hours working on the computer, often not pausing to take a break.

Even when I finished my graduate work I continued to work long hours as a teacher and academic.

Most people hold a lot of tension in their body that arises from stresses related to our personal lives, workplace, or emotions. It took me a long time to realize that these stresses were manifesting themselves as neck, back, and shoulder pain in my body. I tried visiting chiropractors, massage therapists, and physiotherapists but it wasn’t until years of suffering later that I eventually found and tried Mitzvah.

When I first met Kathy the first thing she told me was, "I think I can help you!" During our first session, I discovered there was a lot I could do to relieve the tension in my own body. Instead of a chiropractor or massage therapy or physiotherapy session in which I felt to be a passive recipient of manipulations I was empowered by Mitzvah to take charge of the tensions I was experiencing in my body. It sounds simple but I had to learn how to let go. Mitzvah was the first technique that taught me truly how to do this.

I truly believe that a variety of methods are useful in different ways, at different times in our lives. Even though I do Mitzvah regularly, I sometimes still visit a chiropractor, or physiotherapist, or go for a massage. 15 years later, after experiencing over a decade of neck, back, and shoulder pain, I still have some bad days, but they are less common and when I do have them, I know what I need to do."

Dr. Kim West
Educational Development Specialist
University Learning Centre
The Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness

Professional Affiliate
Department of Geography and Planning

University of Saskatchewan

As a nurse since 1984, I have experienced various muscular-skeletal ailments through the years. After several years of failing to do physical activity because of pain, lack of motivation or job or family demands I had gained weight and felt I was really loosing mobility.

Things like shoulder checking when driving was getting difficult. Most recently I have experienced various veins, a pulled shoulder, and back pain.  I always look forward to my Mitzvah appointments because of the pain relief and the increased energy and sense of wellbeing I get from it. I like how Kathy can get to the root of a problem. My back pain is related to my poor posture and I am intoed when I walk. Kathy gives me very simple exercises to improve my body alignment and help develop awareness in my body to correct poor alignment. She is very responsive to individual circumstances or limitations such as one’s occupation or other demands and gives advice on how to work with less stress on the body. For example, when giving university nursing lectures I mostly stand on my feet for 3 hours. Kathy emphasized to me the importance of moving around and changing position for that length of time and having my students do “body breaks”.
I started out with Mitzvah through one of Kathy’s classes at the Refinery but due to my schedule I found going for an appointment at Kathy’s studio every couple weeks when it is convenient for me worked best. I appreciate how Kathy is trying to help me incorporate Mitzvah into my daily life so I can eventually do this independently. Kathy is a great coach and knowledgeable professional with a holistic approach. Give Mitzvah a try and you will like it!

Deb Lendzyk Sorestad RN BSN MN

Kathy’s Mitzvah instruction has taught me to understand my body better and see that postural alignment and proper movement are essential parts of a healthy lifestyle.

Focusing attention on how the body aligns and moves using Mitzvah Techniques has been a valuable part of my life’s journey. Kathy continually strives to improve her practice, training, and service to others. She is a very knowledgeable and compassionate teacher.

Sheila H., Executive Secretary
Saskatoon SK Canada

I was diagnosed with chronic condition in which there is loss of bone density in my spine and disc bulging resulting in chronic pain. This combined with torn ligaments in my shoulders resulted considerable and significant limitations such that I was unable to work or participate in most normal daily activities.

While there was some recovery with intensive medical and surgery interventions, and several weeks at the Chronic Pain Clinic program I was still struggling to deal with chronic pain and continuing significant limitation in mobility and range of activities. It appeared I would not be able to enjoy many of the regular activities of my previously active lifestyle.

I joined a Mitzvah and Itcush Method class and which assisted in making some progress in recovery from the medical issues. I also took personal Mitzvah and Itcush Method sessions along with some table and chair work from Kathy Morgan which speeded up recovery of my mobility and balance. The Mitzvah and Itcush Method provided me with a holistic perspective, specific advice and instruction providing me strategies and practical techniques in how to address and overcome my limitations in mobility and activities. With the Mitzvah and Itcush Method techniques and training, I changed the approach of how I sit, get up, stand, walk and manage other activities such that I have been able to increase mobility, flexibility, endurance and engagement in a broader range of activities. The knowledge and instruction provided on these techniques have resulted in substantive recovery in balance and mobility. Applying the practical techniques taught have enabled and supported me to continue to advance my recovery and manage my body and activities more efficiently such that I am able to lead a more active, productive and satisfying life. The recovery has also benefited me with improved management of the chronic pain while minimizing medication.

Wilf Hiebert
Organization and Human Resource Management and Mediation / Dispute Resolution

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